When we talk about empowerment. It seems ”everybody is busy empowering women who are preparing men for these empowered women? ” I am not saying that women empowerment is exploiting men but How can we ignore the existence of men in our society? It is important to love and support them in our lives.

Men need real help. they need empowerment emotionally and mentally. we often have complaints that guy broken my heart, used me, blaa..blaa..blaa… It’s because there is a lack of our support in their lives as a father, brother, cousin, husband, and friends. They always seem to sacrifice their needs and give priority to us as a family. but who is standing for them? We are too selfish to think of their personal life, emotions, needs, and sacrifices.

Dear sisters, It is also an orthodoxy thinking that we used to hand over car or gun to boy from childhood. If they cry we say you are a boy! Don’t cry like a girl. Oh really! I just laugh at these kinds of stuff. Although they may be strong physically that doesn’t mean They have no heart? No emotions? Why can’t They cry? They don’t show their personal problems like us. But why? Why we are making it a more orthodoxy society?

If we compare the empowerment of women to men. I think they need more empowerment because women are not tied or not responsible for look after their family, no matter how much they earn? Men are supposed to provide for the family. so they have no option instead of making themselves a strong pillar of their family. they manage everything with sincerity Just like a soldier of family. They are More accountable than us. But sorry to say we are becoming selfish. We have no care for their happiness.

I know we want empowerment. we like to be self-dependent. Dear sister, that doesn’t mean we don’t need anyone. In every moment of life, we are supported by them as a father, brother, cousin, husband, and friends. I would say without a man women’s empowerment is not possible! Look at your father, he is the person who is with you since your birth. Your brother is your childhood friend.

Why don’t you think of their struggle for making your family more strong and happy? Is anything they want in return? Why they are doing so? They have no self intentions. we talk about the empowerment of women WHY NOT MEN? They need empowerment because They are going through a lot of emotional vulnerabilities, insecurity, pressure, and torture. But they don’t express. They have to face failures in life.

One of The most common pressure that faced by man is the pressure of being well settled. And provide for the family. No doubt women have become independent but No matter how much she earn, men are supposed to provide for their family not only family but for a good society, Men are one of the major part.

So we as women are supposed to strengthen them to face challenges. It’s most important to love and support them. A strong men in society means more strong women.

In the end, I would like to thank all the men in my life as a father, brothers, teachers, and friends. So many men have helped me so much throughout my life. I can’t return them… I’m really grateful to all the men and proud of them

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