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This quiz is BA Quiz created to help you get started. It will be created only for the student of central University.

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1. 1. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam was elected as:


2. 2. The first Indian Satellite is:


3. 3. The 2012 Olympics were held at:


4. 4. The first women recipient of Bharat Ratna is:


5. 5 .Emotions rise abruptly but die:


6. 6. An over behavior is:


7. 7. World environment day is observed on:


8. 8 .The Kitab-ul-Hind was written by?


9. 9. Who was the first Director-General of the Archaeological Survey of India


10. 10. Educational Psychology studies the ……. of the learner in relation to his educational needs and his environment


11. 11. The winner of Best Actor at 60″ National Film Awards were


12. 12. The central economic problem of every society is:



13. If the percentage increase in the quantity of a commodity demanded is smaller than the percentage fall in the price, the coefficient of price elasticity of demand is:


14. 14. Indifference curve is downward sloping from left to right since more X and less Y give:


15. 15. The cost that a firm incurs in purchasing or hiring any factor production of is called:-


16. 16. Justice Sachchar Committee is related to:


17. 17. The Demand Curve shows the relationship between


18. 18.Which statement is true


19. 19. Arunachal Pradesh State was created from parts of.


20. 20. The Mudumalai Sanctuary is situated in


21. 21. The Durand Line is situated between:


22. 22. In India which one of the following has the largest inland saline wetland


23. 23. which of the following gas has an important role in maintaining atmosphere temperature:


24. 24. The intensity of the earthquake waves is recorded by:


25. 25. Jhelum river is found in which city?


26. 26. Lok Sabha maximum membership strength is:


27. 27. A proposal made in the House of a legislature to elicit its decision on a subject is called:


28. 28. Which act provided India to become an Independent State:


29. 29. Local Government are the basis of:


30. 30. What was the name of India’s first legislature


31. 31. Human Rights Commission in India was established in the year?


32. 32. The chief functions of the Government are ?


33. 33. Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted and proclaimed by the UN General Assembly on:


34. 34. Which of the following is not a regional organization


35. 35. The founder of the Chishti order is



36. The Mughal emperor who ascended the throne at the young age of 14 years


37. 37. In which one of the following battles did Nadir Shah defeat the Mughal Emperor Mohammad Shah ?


38. 38. Khud-Kashta and Pahi-Kashta were the two kinds of:


39. 39. The Muslim League was floated in Dhaka in the year


40. 40. In which of the following continents, plough was invented contributing towards the growth of the human civilization


41. 41. If in a language code B is written as C.D is written as E. H is written as I, M is written as N then ‘HERO’ will be written as


42. 42. Look at this series: 53, 53, 40, 40. 27.27



43. Premise 1: Some boys are bad,

      Premise 2: All girls are boys

      The likely conclusion is:



44. Statements:

Some papers are pens.

All the pencils are pens.


1. Some pens are pencils

2. Some pens are papers



45. In this series: 2, 1,(1/2), (1/4),…

What number should come next


46. 46. The number next in the series 34, 32. 27, 25, 20 …. is


47. 47. Identify the correct conclusion of the syllogisms

All the singers are dancers.

Some actors are singers


48. 48. Find the odd one that does not belong to the group:


49. 49. Choose the odd one:


50. 51. Which of the following sentences is correct?


51. 50. The hands of the clock will be at the right angle when it is:


52. 52. Choose the correct preposition given below to fill in the blank in the following sentence We will stop ….. the mall on the way to our friend’s house


53. 53. I usually walk to school …… I went by bus this morning



54. To ______is human. To forgive is divine

Complete the above expression from the list of words given below:


55. 55. Sneha acted according ______my advice


56. 56. To do something with one’s eyes closed” means to:


57. 57. Which one of these is the correct spelling?


58. 58. Complete the sentence with the most analogous option: Courtship is to marriage…… is to fight


59. 59. He is ______ intelligent to be deceived


60. 60. Acting is my ______ though I am a teacher


61. 61. We need to compete ______ others



62. He tried to analyse his feelings

“Analyse’ means


63. 63. To take down an enemy means


64. 64. She took me ______ surprise


65. 65. Choose the correct spelling


66. 66. One who does not believe in the existence of God is an ______


67. 67. The expression to get over’ something means to:


68. 68. A statement consisting of two parts that seem to mean the opposite of each other is called


69. 69. The antonym of ‘malign


70. 70. I despise people who are cruel to children. “Despise” means to


71. 71. Please remove the table cloth. The meaning of ‘remove’ is:


72. 72. Choose the correct sentence:


73. 73. Synonym of the word ‘hindrance’ is:


74. 74. It is shameful that in our time child abuse ________ .


75. 75. I accused her ______Stealing my wallet.


76. 76. ML. Mohd Ali Jauhar was elected President of Congress


77. 77. Muhammad Ali Jinnah was born in:


78. 78. “Hindu view of life” is written by:


79. 79. The book Afzalul Fuad is sayings of:


80. 80. The Architect of the Taj Mahal was:


81. 81. Jamiatululama-e-Hind was established in:


82. 82. Sir Syed authored his first book


83. 83. Bhagwat Gita is a part of ________.


84. 84. Who was the founder (Initiator) of Brahmo Samaj:


85. 85. For how many years the kingdom of Sher Shah exist:


86. 86. What was the real name of Mohsinul Mulk ?


87. 87. Who was the founder of Tahreek-e-Mahdavi


88. 88. Humayun was defeated by Sher Shah in the year


89. 89. Altamash was the successor of.


90. 90. Humayun was the son of:


91. 91. Shibli Nomani was born at


92. 92. Hujjat Allah-al-Balighah is written by:


93. 93. The first Mohammadan Educational Conference was held on:


94. 94. Sir Syed established Scientific Society at:


95. 95. Regular teaching started at MAO College in:


96. 96. At the time of revolt of 1857 Sir Syed was in:


97. 97. The first appointment of Sir Syed as Munsif was at:


98. 98. My Experiments With Truth is the book of:


99. 99. Sir Syed received the title of Jwaddulah from


100. 100. In which year did MAO College become the Aligarh Muslim University:


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