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If possible,

  1. Why don’t you all support us in any way?
  2. We need your help in helping other. If any of you will help us in any way then please DM me.
  3. We want to make our app and other things available for all. We can make student team from different university so that we can provide everything to all.
  • We are on our way to organise an online platform, in which every students will contribute their ideas, way and suggestions are welcomed
  • You can dm me (admin) @equbalshadan for any suggestions or feedbacks
  • Your suggestion is welcomed. We will improve the STUDY BUDDY AMU JAMIA JNU ENTRANCE APP on the play store
  • Also, if you have any queries you can fill in Google form👍
  • Note:- It’s all free of cost so just chill and conquer entrance with us. We already helped 20,000+ Students. Now we want to improve more so that we can reach more people.
  • If you wanna help us in anything then you can dm us
  • So, now you all just have to fill a form…the link of which is provided below. So that we all can help students of central university individually.
  • https://forms.gle/4S8GJqduo4pqrkZa6
  • if any of you wants to helps us, you can msg me and take part in our small group.
  • you can also support us by contributing small amount so that i can help other students.


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