Friends, Today, I would like to draw attention toward your wellwishers. As we living in a materialistic world. There is no feeling of gratitude among us. We just think that everyone is with us for some purpose.No one really cares This may be true, But we can’t ignore the sacrifice of our family, Teacher, and the person who guide us. I don’t think they are greedy or they need you for their benefit.

With time I realized when God wants you to be. He can make your enemy your friend if not your own soul will not support you. So be focused first, it’s God’s will for you. Don’t go against Allah’s protection. He will save you in the last moment of the time you need to believe him. So be thankful to God who has given you everything that you need.

Be thankful! you have the presence of mind to observe things. Be thankful! You can see and read this blog. Be thankful! You can understand others’ behavior with you. Be thankful to your parent, be thankful to your teacher, be thankful to Each and Every person who comes into your life and from whom you learn anything. Be thankful to the person who pulls you back because he is the one who knows you can do it!

You can’t say I have succeeded without any support, you may say that It’s all outcomes of your hard work and struggle. Ok! First, ask yourself is there any with you During struggle? If not then the opposition is also great motivation! How can you say they did not support you? If They opposed it’s a great thing you got the courage to struggle more and achieve whatever you wanted!

Oh, Dear! Just think differently, Don’t rush to the way the world is going on. You need support every moment. Even You can’t breathe without oxygen is it not support by nature? You can’t see the beauty of nature without your eyes is it not supported by God? How can you say I can do it alone. I don’t need anyone blaa… Blaa… Blaa. The truth is that you are merely a piece of god Creation! That’s it!

It’s your silliness to say I’m enough for myself. You need support every time. But don’t rush for the person who supports you to make their command on your life, I also opposed this kind of stuff, because some people come into our life to show off. They help us but show more. They make us feel we can’t do without them. So keep yourself away from these useless people.

So gUys! Keep reading the blog, you’re are a sensible creation of god the reason for your existence is that God wants you to be supported and be thankful to him. I am thankful to My lord for giving me the emotions to understand the need of our society. I am thankful to the study buddy team for giving me this opportunity to write my views here. I’m especially thankful to Shadan sir for each and every support he made for me.

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