Someone asked me, why don’t you trust and why is it so hard to trust people. I replied to them with a question that why is it so hard to keep a promise?

I know people make promises for good intentions but the conclusion .we find 99% fail to keep it.

If you make a promise you should realize that promise is not a word to say and win the world it’s someone’s hope. It may become the reason for happiness. It may become life. So before keeping a promise ask yourself are you able or not?

Friends! I noticed one thing about the promise. We all have someone who claims to be available for us in every situation. They promise us to be real well-wishers. I think many of them are cunning as they play with other’s emotions.

You are too innocent to know their intentions. They have nothing to do but you’re not jobless. They are satisfying their ego but you’re not understanding.

They don’t think of your feelings .their promise may become your expectations If it breaks you may break too. your hopes will be ruined. It may be the cause of vast destruction.

We should not expect anything from anyone. I have no friend circle, I am just civil to all and familiar with few. Now the matter of trust! You will meet lots of people. some people will claim to be your trust. If you agree with them. They will leave you after satisfying their intentions. You will be left in the meantime when you need.

I am sharing my personal opinion about the promise that Many people tried their level based to make me understand that they’re without any intentions. I just kept it in mind and to prove it just created a test to know. Are they real or not?

I came to the conclusion that they were just using my time to satisfy their ego. It was very surprising for me first time. After the day Never believed anyone except My lord. Because He is the only one who doesn’t like me for his shake.

I would like advice, especially to girls that In this materialistic world you have to be aware of your surrounding. Don’t give them chance to hurt you. They have many options but you will be broken easily. So plz stay away from such kinds of false people who make promises. you may understand their intention immediately if you’re aware of what they are going through.

Oh, dear! Don’t waste your values and emotions. expect less from others and trust more in yourself.

No one really cares. why don’t you know? never ever trust them. Just do your job and be busy with yourself. Think what you need is enough

So guy! Keep reading and comment what you think!

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