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1. Who was the Court poet of Samudragupta


2. Which veda depicts the information about the most ancient Vedic age culture ?


3. Who was the first Trithankara of the Jains?


4. Couple burial was found in which of the following Harappan sites?


5. The dockyard was found in which of the following sites of indus valley civilization?


6. Who among the following was the third Jain tirthankara?


7. Which of the following sides of Indus valley Civilization at clay model of plow has been found ?


8. Which of the following king is over the title of “Avanisimha”?


9. The rashtrakutas where involved continuously in the fight against which rulers?


10. Under whose leadership Shvetambara sect formed?


11. At which of the following sites largest variety of food grains  in the chalcolithic age ihas been found


12. In the Indus valley civilization the great granary was found in which among of the following sites?


13. Evidence of a game which was very similar to chess was found at which of the following cities at Indus valley civilization?


14. Gopatha Brahman is a part of which of the following Vedas ?


15. The ancient city of Raj Griha which is modern Rajgir near Patna was built by which of the following kings


16. The sacred books of the Jainas are known as?


17. In India ancient iron age is attached with



18. Which among the following is the oldest dynasty?


19. Who was the founder of the kanva dynasty?


20. Bagh painting of Gupta empire was found in which of the following Indian states?


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