1. The phrase ‘mass circulation press’ means the press:

Ans (c) that responds to opinion of the masses.

2. More and more people are able to buy newspapers now because:

Ans (b) more people are educated now than ever before.

3. The improvement in the economic conditions of the people has led people to:

Ans (b) buy newspapers.

4. Newspapers are easily available everywhere because of the easy availability of:

Ans (d) All of the above

5. According to this passage, the mass production of newspapers has become possible because:

Ans (a) People are more educated.

6. Hardly_the minister finished his speech when the earthquake__the stadium.

Ans (a) had, shook

7. My father____in ONGC for 35 years by January 2023.

Ans (d) will have been working

8. My parents__for 30 years.

Ans (c) have been married

9. I_the holiday enormously even though the weather___disappointing.

Ans (d) enjoyed/was

10. My plane___at five p.m. on Monday. I don’t need to call a taxi, my friend______me to the airport.

Ans (b) is leaving/will take

11. The man____my house was a cheat.

Ans (d) To whom I sold

12. Which is a Declarative sentence?

Ans (c) That hurts!

13. I___this film several times. (see)

Ans (c) have seen

14. I____my work before he came. (finish)

Ans (a) had finished

15. Last Sunday, I____at home. (stay)

Ans (c) stayed

16. “Anna, answer the door.” is an example of what kind of sentence?

Ans (b) Imperative

17. By the next month, we shall _____ the project.

Ans (d) have completed

18. Write the past perfect continuous tense form of the verb given in the bracket. “The area___from an earthquake”. (recover)

Ans (c) had been recovering

19. It is a tradition that ______ ever since.

Abs (c) has been celebrated

20. Identify the tense used in the given sentence. “My father’s shop has been sold out.”

Ans (b) Present perfect tense

21. She said to me, “I took breakfast in the morning.”

Ans (c) She told me that she had taken breakfast in the morning.

22. Rahul said to me, “We are mortal.”

Ans (a) Rahul said to me that we are mortal.

23. John says, I “shall go there.”

Ans (b) John says that he will go there.

24. She said, “The man died in the afternoon.”

Ans (b) She said that the man had died in the afternoon.

25. Vineet said to Nitin, “Go away.”

Ans (a) Vineet ordered Nitin to go away.

26. A ______ is a proven statement used for proving another statement.

Ans (c) Lemma

27. If two positive integers a and b are written as a = x ^ 3 * y ^ 2 and b = x * y ^ 3; x, y are prime numbers, then HCF (a, b) is:

Ans (b) xy^2

28. If a – b a and a + b are zeroes of the polynomial x ^ 3 – 3x ^ 2 + x + 1 , then the value of (a+b) is:

Ans (a) 1 plus/minus sqrt(2)

29. If 3k + 7, k + 19, and 2k + 1 are any three consecutive terms of an A.P., then the value of K is

Ans (a) 10

30. If c = 2sin^2 theta and y = 2cos^2 theta + 1 , then the value of (x + y) is equal to:

Ans (a) 3

31. ABC is an isosceles triangle right-angled at C. The side AB is equal to:

Ans (a) AC * sqrt(2)

32. Five years ago, A was thrice as old as B and ten years later A shall be twice as old as B, then the present age of A is:

Ans (b) 50

33. If the mean of frequency distribution is 7.5 and Sigma*f_{k}*x_{j} = 120 + 3k and Sigma*f_{i} = 3c , then k is equal to:

Ans (b) 35

34. In a cylinder, if the radius is doubled and the height is halved then the curved surface area will be:

Ans (c) same

35. Two dice are rolled together. The probability of getting an even number on both the dice is.

Ans (c) 1/4

36. In the given figure, O is the centre of the circle. The area of the sector APB is 5/18 * of the area of the circle. The value of x is:

Ans (d) 100°

37. The maximum volume of a cone that can be carved out of a solid of radius “r” is:

Ans (b) (pi * r ^ 3)/3

38. If*alpha, beta are the roots of the quadratic equation x^ 2 -P(x+1)+C=0. then( alpha+1)( beta+1)=?

Ans (d) 1+C

39. If the numbers a, b, c, d, e form an AP, then the value of a – 4b + 6c – 4d + e is

Ans (c) 0

40. All squares are________

Ans (b) similar

41. Line formed by joining (- 1, 1) * and(5, 7) is divided by a line x+ y = 4 in the ratio of:

Ans (c) 1:2

42. The ratio of the length of a rod and its shadow is 1 / (sqrt(3)) . The angle of elevation of the sun is:

Ans (a) 30 degrees

43. A circle is inscribed in a quadrilateral ABCD in which angle B=90 degrees. If AD = 23cm43.AB = 29 cm and DS = 5cm then the radius of the circle is:

Ans (b) 11

44. If P( a 3 A) is the midpoint of the line segment joining the points 2(- 6, 5) and then the value of “a” is:P(- 2, 3)

Ans (b) -12

45. If x = 1 is a common root of the equations a * x ^ 2 + ax + 3 = 0 and x ^ 2 + x + b = 0 then ab=?

Ans (b) 3

46. Blue revolution stands for:

Ans (a) Fish production

47. Which of the following is the highest dam of India?

Ans (c) Tehri dam

48. Where was Mahavira Jain born?

Ans (b) Vaishali

49. Who is the president of Ukraine?

Ans (a) Volodymyr Zelenskyy

50. Which city is known as the ‘City of Lakes’ in India?

Ans Udaipur

51. Who amongst the following is the recipients of the Padma Shree 2022

Ans (b) Prof. Najma Akhtar

52. Which city is going to host the Olympics in 2024?

Ans (d) Paris, France

53. What is the average thickness of the biosphere?

Ans 20 kms

54. The Harappan Civilization flourished during _______ the age.

Ans (d) Chalcolithic

55. Scurvy is caused due to the deficiency of:

Ans (c) Vitamin C

56. In the case of a real and inverted image, the magnification of the mirror is:

Ans (b) negative

57. A convex lens of power +4D is brought in contact with a concave lens of power et +40 is brought in contact with -2D. The power of the lens combination is:

Ans (b) +2D

58. The twinkling of stars is due to atmospheric

Ans (c) refraction of light by different layers of varying refractive indices.

59. Refractive index of glass is maximum for the light of:

Ans (b) violet colour

60. The bluish colour of water in the deep sea is due to :

Ans (c) scattering of light

61. A spherical mirror and a spherical lens each have a focal length of -10 cm. The mirror and the lens are likely to be:

Ans (a) both concave

62. A magnified real image is formed by a convex lens when the object is at:

Ans (d) both (a) and (b)

63. A soft iron bar is introduced inside the current-carrying solenoid. The magnetic field inside the solenoid:

Ans (c) will increase

64. Which of the following terms does not represent electrical power in a circuit?

Ans (b) IR ^ 2

65. An electric bulb is rated 220V and 100W when it is operated on 110V, the power consumed will be:

Ans (c) 50 W

66. A cylindrical conductor of length ‘l’ and uniform cross-section A has resistance R. Another conductor of length ’21’ and resistance R of the same material has an area of cross-section:

Ans (c) 2A

67. The effective resistance between A and B is:

Ans (a) 4 ohm

68. A wire of resistance 202 is bent in the form of a close circle. What is the effective resistance between two points A and B, at the ends of any diameter of the circle?

Ans (c) 5 ohm

69. The device used for producing electric current is called a:

Ans (a) generator

70. A positively charged particle projected towards the west is deflected towards the north by a magnetic field. The direction of the magnetic field is:

Ans (d) upward

71. Which one of the following four metals would be displaced from the solution of its salts by the other three metals?

Ans (b) Ag

72. Reaction between X and Y, forms compound Z. X loses an electron and Y gains an electron. Which of the following properties is not shown by Z?

Ans (b) Has a low melting point

73. The displacement reaction between iron (III) oxide and a metal X is used for welding the rail tracks. Here X is:

Ans (d) Aluminium dust

74. Consider the following reaction: Identity x and y:

Ans (c) Ag and (s)

75. In the decomposition of solid FeSO,, the gas evolved is:

Ans (b) SO_{2} + SO

76. In the reaction Fe 2 O 3 +3CO 2Fe+3CO.

Ans (a) CO acts as a reducing agent

77. Which of the following are present in a dilute aqueous solution of hydrochloric acid?

Ans (a) H 3 O^ – +Cl^ –

78. Which of the following is acidic in nature?

Ans (a) Lime juice

79. The chemical formula for the plaster of Paris is:

Ans (c) CaSO4.1/2HO

80. An aqueous solution turns red litmus solution blue. Excess addition of which of the following would reverse the change?

Ans (d) Hydrochloric acid

81. Write the products formed when aluminium metal is heated with manganese dioxide:

Ans (d) Mn + A*l_{2}*O_{3}

82. Pick out the chemically most reactive element from the given triads:

Ans (c) K and F

83. Which of the following compounds can not exhibit chain isomerism?

Ans (a) Propane

84. Name the functional group present in CH3 CO CH3

Ans (c) Ketone

85. The properties of eka-aluminium predicted by Mendeleev are the same as the properties of a later discovered elements:

Ans (c) Gallium

86. Orange-coloured photosynthetic pigment is:

Ans (a) Carotene

87. Double fertilization is a unique feature of:

Ans (c) Angiosperms

88. Back cross is a cross between:

Ans (d) F 1 * Any parent

89. Haemophilia disease is linked with:

Ans (a) Sex chromosome

90. Which one of these is haploid?

Ans (b) gametes

91. Which of these reactions occur in photosynthesis?

Ans (a) Carbon dioxide is reduced and water is oxidised

92. The maximum volume of air contained in the lung by a full forced inhalation is called:

Ans (b) Vital Capacity

93. Example of naturally vegetative plants as

Ans (a) Potato, Onion, ginger, sugarcane

94. Heart is covered with the covering of:

Ans (a) Peri Cardium

95. Bile juice helps in the digestion of:

Ans (c) Fats

96. Which of the following constitutes a food chain?

Ans (b) Grass, goat, and human

97. As human beings occupy the top level in any food chain, the maximum concentration of insecticides gets accumulated in our bodies. This phenomenon is known as:

Ans (c) biological magnification

98. Which of the following is not a method of contraception?

Ans (b) Abortion

99. The start of the reproductive phase in the human female is:

Ans (b) Menarche

100. A step in cellular respiration that is common to both aerobic and anaerobic organisms is:

Ans (c) Glycolysis

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