Friends, the expectation is not a word of eleven letters rather it is closely connected to emotions, trust, and feelings.

To expect means you’re attached to them with respect, values, or emotions. To expect means you have trust in their involvement in your life. To expect means you feel it. To expect means you’re too strong to be broken by difficulty!!!

Each and every moment you’re living with a hope of being better than the past, it is called expectation. You expect God will do best. Your happiness remains for a long hour but bad days bring your confidence down. And you feel disappointed. If you get Another option, a hope you engage yourself in that. In this way, expectation gave you lives.

Often, it seems expectation, the reason for our mood off, or disappointment. Some of you may never get hope again. I think you have made a mistake in recognizing people and their intentions. Instead of having a strong trust in your lord. You’re involved with dishonest people and making them a part of your big decision when expectations break down you are hurt much. Can’t say how and when you will take it out from there.

Don’t blame people for disappointing you. Blame yourself for expecting too much from them. You know what expectations is positively nice. It gives us hope for better, no worry it can be broken but for some moments it is like medicine for your unhealthy situation. Even though, you need to keep it within the limit.

Expectations are not bad if you keep them within the limit. Limit yourself from being closed, limit yourself from expecting people will come to you in need. Oh! Listener to your heart and can differentiate their behaviors. You know who is your real well-wisher. Then why you’re pushing yourself into the fire. Don’t expect with everyone. You can’t be everyone’s priority!!!!

Healthy expectations give you the power to fight with negativity. Yup! It’s like medicine in your difficulty. To understand! Suppose you have to admit to any central university, so you work hard for it. But also keep plan B. Eventually, you did not crack it. Your confidence level goes down But this is only plan B!! That becomes your expectation at that time and you try again with more effort. In this way, expectations give you power.

Unhealthy expectations make us feel insecure. friends! It’s truly said that the more you expect from others the more you will be insecure. Even your own actions and behavior will hurt you. Don’t think that they will understand your emotions. Emotions are nothing for this materialistic world. Why not you think of your own company. Enjoy it. No one can understand you more than you know. Satisfy your soul. Don’t wait for people to the attention to you. You need your own understanding

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