Dear Reader! Even a flower never thinks of comparison with Flower next to it. It just blooms. Learn from this You are not born to compare but to compete. There’s a difference between comparison and competition. Everyone has different qualities. How can you compare yourself with the quality of others! Seek your strength and achieve a level with that. It’s the best option.

Why are you wasting Yourself in Negativity?

Why are you wasting yourself in negativity? It’s not a big issue to be inferior. You can transfer your inferiority into superiority. It requires determination and hard work. Rather than showing others that they’re inferior. Be ready for making yourself distinguished.

Oh, dear! Nothing is impossible in this World. I can understand your weaknesses are making you be so. But you should know one thing your weakness is strength itself. If you’re unable to do so something you will be ashamed and try it more than other things. Remember the day when Arunima Sinha lost her leg But her determination make her climb Mt Everest.

Jealousy, Hate, and Fear are the most destructive emotions. Slowly and gradually it would break you internally. and also deter your positivity to work over your mind. As a result, you would be sick and cure is so difficult.

Why don’t you think Jealousy is a Terrible Disease. The person can’t progress with holding jealousness, on the other hand, they would think of showing superiority. So we should never make ourselves go the way that makes us weak and invaluable.

Dear Reader! Be happy and be the reason for someone’s happiness rather than making them feel inferior. It’s not affecting their life but you will be considered ill-mannered.

Don’t be sad If someone is jealous of your achievements. It means you’re superior!!! Tell them thanks for realizing your value. they wanna see you do good but not better than them. It’s Mental Cancer they need to control these unusable thoughts and emotions.

Never take any decision in this situation. You’re not understanding the need and keep going on. The last thing I would say to you is that it’s ok to have the thinking in mind but never bring it in implications. otherwise, you would be regret doing so.

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