Most Selected Question for Class 11th and diploma engineering. AMU, JMI and BHU. Entrance’s most expected questions of Class 11 are going to come from this series. This is test series for 11th Science and diploma engineering aspirants.


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1. An ant when bites us, it injects a substance X which causes pain and irritation. The structural formula of substance ‘X’ is:


2. Which hydrocarbon does not undergo  addition reaction?


3. 2, 2-dimethyl propane is the isomer of which of the following alkane:


4. Which of the following oxide of nitrogen is most covalent in nature?


5. Thepoisonous alcohol is


6. Which of the following is propanoic acid:


7. Tick one which is not an allotrope of carbon:


8. Number of covalent bonds in propane (CH3H8) is


9. Hydrogenation of vegetable oils is an example of


10. Which of the following compound is not in tetrahedral geometry?


11. Which of the following alkane obtain when sodium salt of propanoic acid is treated with soda lime?


12. Which of the following is acetone?


13. What is the structural formula of acetic acid?


14. Which gas is emitted when tartaric acid is heated with sodium bicarbonate?


15. The formula of functional group in Ketone is


16. Esters react in the presence of an acid or a base to give back the alcohol and:


17. Organic compounds are mostly


18. Methane is


19. Alkaline KMnO4 oxidises propanone to


20. Heating of sodium ethanoate with soda lime yields:


21. The compound formed by the reaction of ethyne with bromine is:


22. Which of the following reactions is an example of saponification?


23. Aldehydic functional group is present in:


24. Chemically, detergents are sodium salts of:


25. Which of the following molecules has a polar covalent bond?


26. Ethene reacts with water in presence of sulphuric acid to give:


27. Ethyne is prepared by the reaction of:


28. Which of the following is an isomer of 2-butene?


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