Listen! Equity and equality are two different aspects. Both do not match anyway. Equality means having the same opportunity or rights and so on. Whereas equity means existing needs.

To understand, suppose you and your wife are working in a company. The Company gave her leaves, for treatment during pregnancy. Will you also ask for leave? As you may say I have to take care of her,I want leave. Some of you may say it’s against equality. Then say how many of you agree? I think you will have understood the differences.

In the same way, Everyone and everything is different in this world. Each has its own values. It’s silly to say that we can make everything equal or common. Nope! Again reminding you, Even our creator did not like to do so. Who are you make these same?

*Let them achieve what they deserve *

People are of different thoughts, religions, sex, social background. We should respect these differences, Avoiding discrimination. It’s good to provide them needs and facilities not for equality but for equity.

We are equal but not identical.👨‍⚖️

So that this can reduce the adverse effects of inequalities. Let them achieve the level that they deserve in society. And plzz plzzz plzzz don’t make it severe in the name of feminism, socialism, and communalism.

I think there’s no need for such concepts like feminism and socialism and so on to understand equality. Just respect everyone supports them in need. It’s enough for the harmony and peace of a country or community. We need to change our mindset rather than law and reservation. Because in spite of these changes society is prevailing the same. People are the same.

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