I need attentions. I like being special for someone, these words are just destroyer of the whole human venture.Honestly! some people need to change there status updates to “No needs for attention “. But we are making ourselves so fragile who depend on other’s attention to satisfy own soul. Sometimes this create gloom led to depression.

We wait for people to judge us and keep their advice. If they don’t care, we got disappointment, situation goes more weak when we took away ourselves and engaged with emotional and discouragious quote, feel like having a lot of embarrassment.then we we take everything so serious even we don’t like positive people around us.

Avoiding positivity, we create woeful environment where happiness is not to live long. This might become cause of suicidal death and so on.

Got it?

Now the question is,why should we seek for attention? All though we know! In reality No one care more than the priority and you can’t be everyone’s priority. So why should you need attention? Why don’t you think of being special for your soul. It’s rare but effective.

Listen! You are the best architect of your life. No one cam motivate you the way you can! So plzzz plzzz plzzz… Try to understand yourself. You can’t make anyone to care, Nope! They also don’t deserve your attention. So why are you going through that much harsh conditions. You will destroy yourself in that way.

Promise yourself now!

If you think you’re sharing your feelings to get peace. Seriously? Then You’re shilly who are understanding you? They’re just entertaining!. Don’t allow them to do so.

One day you will realize how you have made yourself irritating, rude and undesirable character. That time you will regret much.

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