Love is the Immortal truth of humankind no one is a stranger to this topic, so I have chosen the discussion to make you aware of what you are going through is love or attraction or something else. Oh! Dear, I have no intentions to hurt your emotions, just trying to show you the right way. you should understand it.

Does love Exist in this World?

Firstly true love exists in this world but it’s rare. Go to the history you can’t imagine it again. How much purity they have in love. But in this new generation, you can rarely find a pure heart. Because everything is becoming materialistic and people are happy with that. You are looking for your comfort that’s your unfulfilled needs. I would directly say you seek people in place of need. When it is fulfilled you will be bored of the same person. And your story will end with the line *you deserve better* this is the truth of this materialistic world.

How disgusting! The New generation is playing with love game with the intensions of winning a lot of people. They are trying to impress one after another. For more twists, if you will avoid them they will take it as a challenge, with every effort, will succeed in winning you after this. game over!!!

Does love means attraction?

Listen to me! Love is not a game to play whatever the new generation is doing it’s just an attraction they are trying to fulfill their needs. They don’t wanna their ego to be hurt. Don’t be silly, take yourself to the situation when you will get a better partner your emotions seem to change and this will be another chance or stage of your false attachment.

Oh, listener! Being in love in this generation is so terrifying. You can’t avert the requirement of love. You can’t avert the demand of your lover. you will have fear of their ignorance. You will have fear of their annoying not because you love them but also for the fear of breakup.

Does this means change or do they create misunderstanding?

Be matured! Be your own! If love is taking you to the fear. If love is creating misunderstanding between you, if love is forcing you to change, It’s not love anymore. ask yourself the reason why you love him/her. Are they important during your bad days? Do you remember him when you are happy! Do you remember him during prayers? Do you remember or want him during difficulty or do they at least try to take over it? Try to understand the difference…. . Whether it’s love or false attachment!!

Difference between attachment and love..!!

In false attachment, you will find comfort with that person but in true love, his presence will make you uncomfortable, you will seek their happiness and respect. true love doesn’t have a care what society will say, it doesn’t have care for the family will accept or not? It’s not a big issue if the family will not accept your love you are their own child they will not avoid you for more days. I don’t say to go against your parents but you keep them in your decisions. Oh! plzz take care of their happiness. Parents are a big example of true love.

True love is everlasting but attachment is encumbering. You would never be disappointed in true feelings. Even though they never express their feeling with each other, it’s the purity of their soul. In my experience, no word is discovered so far to express the feelings of pure heart and soul.

Hope! You will get it completely, so I will suggest you don’t waste your energy on false emotions otherwise nothing will be left except regret!!! You will become faithless or will be in search of pleasure by playing love games and hurting others’ feelings.

Keep in mind if someone really hurt by you because of your actions and there is no involvement of their actions then you will have to fulfill the penalty of their tears.

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