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Today’s topic is common but we need to see this in different opinion or views. Now a day students are making themselves worthless with digital feelings or thoughts.

Nothing is permanent.

No matter what they learn! no matter their parents have sacrificed their life for him! no matter their elders try to make them understand the values of time and emotions! no matter at all.They are becoming selfish, rude and arrogant.These all are product of social media…

We can’t imagine students without having social media as their priority. They are busy in making friends and used to chat for pleasure, yess! this is virtual world. everything seems like your need. But the truth is completely different. Your sources of pleasure are making you unpleasant. You should be aware of this.

Time is money. Don’t waste it

Students are taking it so light as the phone is part of their life. I don’t think so,we are addicted to phone,Nope! We are not addicted to phone, we are addicted to messages,games, vulgar videos and so on.

Suppose these all are provided in other source of medium more easily we would like to use that all.Dear listener phone is not an addiction your behaviour,your work are making it addiction. as you are just a learner you have no idea how and where to go.!!!

Our future will be like it.

And this social media is taking you the way that make you feel pleasure. But it underestimated your real need. You have to choose that. no one is going to do so why are you wasting your time in chit chat on social media digital emotions are not truth. Its just virtual.

Hard but Truth 😐

I feel much sorrow that. Students are poisoning their lives. They are forgetting the relationships and values.They don’t have respect for teacher also. they are thinking that teachers are as much as a friend. This is good at a limit. But Shameful..!!! Their stupidity attached with teachers for bad intentions , they are finding emotions on social media.Can’t believe how can a students think so… 😐 teachers are considered as parents. They should be seen respectfully.

Much sorrowful..!!The digital life is filling the stupidity in your mind. You need to understand it. Don’t waste your energy so that you will regret after the time.

Listener! Social media is not bad but your behaviour are making this platform worst. Plzzzzz try to feel my words you have only 10 yrs in which 15 to 21 is for hardwork. 21 to 25 age is for skill. So decide today and now how to prove yourself!! How will you get real values or emotions in future. how will you manage with all the difficulties,you have to control your emotions,you have to learn a lot of lesson.

Family planning is needed much

Friends! * Don’t rush for followers or fans, you were not born to take everyone attention. *Just choose and go through the right way god will there. *Take advice of elders,they are not your enemy they will suggest you better.* live your life with some principles of goodness. Because I am remembering one day my teacher said that what is giving you pleasure now It will be the causes of your destroy one day!

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