Dear friends, displaying emotion is not a show of weakness but rather it is a show of strength. Tremendous strength and self-confidence. If some actions are hurting you if the situation is painful and you cannot hold up to it. Everything is going against your expectations. Your closest one is not understanding, you’re becoming possessive day after day.

Stop for a while! Think of a moment that’s all are poisoning you slowly and gradually. Why are you pushing yourself there? Your feelings and emotions are good but overthinking are not going to help anyway.

Oh! Dear, let’s not go there. Take it lightly don’t make your heart rule over your brain. It is ruling over your health. You are not gonna healthy anymore. Remembered one thing! Everything happens for your goodness.

In fact, you should celebrate it as you are emotional! You can observe the situation deeply. I’m not saying to handle it with emotions, but to handle the situation you need extra effort rather than emotions. I know emotions are much better than observing things to learn the rule of nature. But you should be mature a bit.

Trust is also because of emotions.

Having a love for someone, irrigation for others is a good sign that you are truly learning from the surrounding. You can observe the behaviors of the environment. You know who is your real well-wisher and who doesn’t care about your existence.

So, Don’t feel regret for being emotional yarr… You’re unique and sensitive. You’re strong too. With the passage of time, you will realize how much emotions helped you.

Think! If you don’t care who is nice or worse to you. You will not find them in a time of difficulties. The situation will be more perplexed they will show you with words like they are your true wellwisher. But you will recognize them with emotions. See your family why are they standing for you every time and in any situation? They have an emotional attachment to you. It’s really true dear!

Emotions make you more strong but you have to decide will you use this weapon for decoration or fight with difficulty. Don’t make yourself available to those who don’t care about your emotions and hurt you with their behaviors. You deserve the best so, don’t rush for attention just be busy with your business. Make your emotions your strength! Thanks all. 🙃🙃

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