Friends! Do you know the value of this beautiful relation means friendship? Let’s discuss it.

we know that we are living in a materialistic world. And it’s most critical to perceive who is our real well-wisher? For how long they will be with us? Do we have not any magical tools to know what they feel for us? How do they treat us internally? Though God has given us sincerity to distinguish what is happening around us with their actions, to understand what is good or what’s harsh?

Now the question is who is our true friend? If I say, no one, seriously no one can be more loyal than your soul. So your soul is the best and true friend ever. It knows all our situations, demands, and decisions. It supports you in every situation and tries to make you understand that something happens to learn from it. It gives a lot of sign to learn what is good or what’s not!

It’s truly said that friend in need is a friend indeed, so ask yourself who’ll be standing for you in your need,isn’t your soul? Which persuades you to keep patience.it heals our hearts when we have broken completely. That’s why the creator of the whole world gifted us the soul.

I noticed one thing that social media is becoming the platform of professional emotions. Where many have false attachment as a friend. In this way, friendship became invaluable and unemotional relationship.no one is truly attached or care.

Read yourself first…..!!!

The only best and sincere friend is our soul. But We are just ignoring it. And engaged with useless things in order to entertain ourselves. We are busy making money and living a luxurious life. rather than looking for happiness. But happiness is not in such things.

The purpose of this article…..

Be careful while making friends they may very good for you while your small mistake can make them your rival. whereas some lucky people got the sweetest friend as a gift of God. I’m also one of them. Alhamdulillah ❤.Your true friends are a blessing from God. Do they stand by your side no matter how the situation is? They will motivate you and boost up your capability. You can recognize them within your bad situation. They will never leave you alone.

In the end, you are personally advised not to share any privacy with anyone, because you don’t know what they look physically is the same behind you or not? Keep your feelings and emotions up to your soul. It’s a safe place to protect your expression of mind and heart.

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