Our society teaches us much. And in this society, there will be always four people who really don’t care what you’re going through. But They show as they care more than Your own soul. They will make you feel that they are your well-wishers. In actuality, they are jealous of your happiness and feel good to see you in pain. their free advice makes you feel disappointed.

If I say, truly experienced a story that there was an old father having 3 sons but they all lived away. The old father has no expectations from them to be his warrior in the future. Still, He was happy without them. Then the incident happened these Four people couldn’t tolerate his happiness, came to advise him and said: “They felt bad to show how much they care to form him and said your sons should help. You’re growing older”. Now, what could happen? They flashbacked after that. Here old man started thinking about it. Within 2 days he finds himself weak and got ill.

I feel good when someone is jealous of me…

Comn!! They deemed me worth it

_Uzma (haya)

In this way, they snatched his happiness and the old man could never understand their intentions. So keep away yourself from these types of smugglers who snatch and transfer your happiness to satisfy their ego. Don’t listen to them. They will never be there in your pain or celebrations.

My teacher (Shadan Sir) often says: “These four people are like snakes in society who swallow up the happiness of innocents”

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