It is true that everything is easy if you are crazy. You know what?  the whole world is the creation of craziness. Even small things like pins,  we use,  is come from the need of someone with yearning. The best cause of our Empowerment is ‘Education’.

*Education is my destiny*

Dreaming is my birthright………

And It’s God’s will to give success to a strong determination.

_ Uzma(haya)

People may know you as relatives,as family member,as members of society. but a lot of people may know you as a student, teacher, classmate, school friend, co-operative, social activist, reformer, and so on. your education gives completely different status in society. People want to treat you the best they can if you’re educated and skilled.

Not only education but also your creation and curiosity of doing something well, improve you. Education makes you responsible and gives you morality and power. In each field, you need it to do better. It will make you perfect on the way you’re.

I was merely a girl with rudeness attitudes. But Alhamdulillah! Education reconstructed me completely. I learned the values of harmony and peace. In this way, Education becomes my destiny. So guys! keep reading and make your education your destiny.

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