We always expect from others that they will be like us. They do or don’t as we are alike. The worst thing is, we judge them according to our choice. Remember one thing, it’s your choice to live a simple life, it’s your choice to avoid parties, it’s your choice to follow any religion or not to follow it, it’s your choice to become a social warrior, that’s all yours.

As you should know very well. the whole world is diverse so how can we aspect that all have the same thoughts and choices. They can be right in their sense, They may be compelled to do so. Whatever people do it’s their choice and we shouldn’t judge anyone based on our thoughts. If you’re honest and kind. It’s your good quality but doesn’t think everyone will be like you. 

Even God indeed likes diversity. God created the world, people are very distinct overall. Some are black, white, and so on. Who’re you to make everything similar? Why do you think you can make everything easy and similar? It’s all the matter of God’s, please. So  Don’t keep yourself in it. Just respect diversity and live peacefully. It’s good for the whole of humanity.

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